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Going Out In London

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CODE Hospitality

CODE Hospitality – the Highlights of Hospitality Venues

CODE Hospitality is a thorough piece of work covering all information a tourist, a local and a professional in the industry would need for London...
London Sky Bars and Restaurants

Better Visit a London Sky Bar or Restaurant than Pay for London Eye

What is London famous for? A trivial question, I know. And a heavy one with that. No sane person would answer it quickly with a couple of words,...

London’s Worst Restaurants

Did you know that on the internet there are around 18 000 restaurants situated only in London? Of course, at least 1 000 of them are small...
London's Worst Clubs

London’s Worst Clubs

Anyone who’s ever been to London and has tasted the capital’s nightlife at least once, would probably passionately support a new law obligating...
London's Best Resetaurants

London’s Best Restaurants

Welcome, I’ve been expecting you. Yes, you’re not the first to search for London’s Best Restaurants. Now, if you’re the honest fan of one of the...
London's Worst Bars

London’s Worst Bars

London’s nightlife is a real roller coaster – Katy Perry can write a pop song about it. Anyone who’s ever had the thought of checking out some...

London Attractions

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National Portrait Gallery London

The National Portrait Gallery

As if The National Gallery in London was not quite enough with all its mighty interior and various displays, there is a special part of it which...
National Gallery London

The National Gallery London

Center of London. The peak of the city hustle and bustle: crowds of tourists, excited couples visiting, lucky locals to have their day off...
The Buckingham Palace London

The Buckingham Palace

One of the most magnificent buildings ever designed in the UK and in the world, too; a monument displayed in the heart of England portraying pure...

London Hotels

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London's Worst Hotels

London’s Worst Hotels

Planning a trip to London? Any visitor of the capital dreams of the perfect experience this emblematic city offers – a journey to another land with...
London's Best Hotels

The 8 Best Hotels In London

Tourists and business travelers are what makes London all that it is. Without this huge flow of people the capital would be nothing alike. But not enough...
London's House Hotel, Bayswater

Best Value-for-Money Hotels in London

The City of London can offer a lot of vibrant, cultural and historical places for its visitors all around the year, but “London” and “best value” are words...
A Dirty Looking Hotel Room

Five Most Disgusting Hotels

London is known as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Cheap hotels are the solution according to the high London standards. But there is a...

Transport Options In London

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