Sex Myths That Escorts In London Will Make You Stop Believing

Leggy Brunette Escorts in LondonIt is time that these misunderstandings finally have to be put to bed forever. There are so many myths that are going around and especially around the people who are not experienced in sex. But that is a great news for you, because you are on the territory of our website that have on disposal some of the most experienced women in UK regarding sex and myths. We are talking of course about our great and beautiful ladies from escorts in London. They know their stuff when it comes to sex and will help us understand and brake some of the most famous sex myths that are still very widely believed. Escorts in London believe that all of these myths are busted numerous times in their practice as the most appealing women in the capital.

The size of penis is never related to the shoe size

Amazingly people have made a lot of studies on this myth and all of them failed to find any link between the size of a man’s shoes and the size of his dick or erected soldier. No one ever found any relationship between his penis and the size of the same man palm or hands and ears, or anything else. Escorts in London are the next experienced women, who have conducted their not official study and they can confirm for us that this myth can be put to rest and officially categorise it as dead. No relation at all, escorts in London have seen men with huge feet and small penis and the other way around.

Wearing condoms will not make a man to last longer

There was a study of more than five hundred men from America and Europe and they have established an ejaculation inside a vagina to last an average time of 5.4 minutes. Funnily enough they stop-watched these men while making sex. Men aged 18 to 30 years old lasted the longest time of average 6.5 minutes and dropping to only 4.3 minutes for men over 51. Wearing a condom made no difference at all and brakes this myth. But here comes the knowledge of our escorts in London and they can state with confidence that it doesn’t make difference if the man is wearing a condom or not they always finish quick if they are hardly erected. Something else, escorts in London got almost the same times for average ejaculating time.

More women are going hairless these days is a myth but all escorts in London are

The truth is that women from sexy magazines and escorts in London are more likely to have no pubic hair or very little in recent years, but it is not the average woman nowadays. A 2010 survey of more than two thousands woman found that only 11% of Simple Beauty - xLondon City Escortsthem aged 18 to 68 remove all of their hair most of the time. 20% didn’t removed any hair at all and only about 25% removed their pubic hair some of the time. Going around with no pubic hair is most common to the women at a young age with 21 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds going fully shaved, versus 9 percent of women in their 30s or 2 percent of women over 50. The concluding result is showing that most of the women in all age groups maintain some hair in their nether regions.

Well I can tell you that 80% of the escorts in London are fully and freshly shaved down under. And even a bigger number of escorts in London on our website are shaving on a regular bases. And the one that are not hairless have left it on purpose to deliver a different sort of pleasure to their favourite customers. That is all our girls do, they deliver pleasure at cheap prices all over the capital of UK – London.

Another myth – smaller breasts are more sensitive than bigger boobs

Some people keep arguing that big boobs of escorts in London have longer nerves that reach the skin and this makes them less sensitive or said simple they don’t feel. If you following that silly logic, taller women would have less sensitivity too and obviously no one makes argues about that. One more scientific evidence for this comes from many studies that asked thousands of women if they could feel hair-like filaments of different sizes on their mammary glands. There were differences in the studies, but not even one woman ever said any sensitivity during sex as the ability to feel a singular hair. Consider this myth busted too. There are escorts in London on our website with big boobs and with small but sexy tits. And they have discussed this matter for the purpose of the article and they haven’t find any difference in what escorts in London feel.

No one likes the answer but it is a myth that sex is a great form of exercise

For sure sex like any other activity will burns off some calories, but majority of normal people aren’t active for extended periods of time and as stated before they make sex for an average of 5 to 10 minutes. Another study says that 30 minutes of sex might burn between 85 and 150 calories but remember the average ‘intravaginal ejaculation latency time’ is not even close to that. Escorts in London are stating that it might be true but even that they work all night if they miss going in the fitness they start getting out of shape. Just one small off topic here all of the escorts in London on the website of XLondon City Escorts are in great shape, looking sexy and feeling sexy if you have the honour to touch them. And they say that this is kept not with sex but with gym and actual exercise.

Men don’t think about sex every 7 seconds say escorts in London

Busty Escorts From LondonSimple math can prove that this is impossible and not a true myth. That would be more than 57,000 times per day, can you imagine that being a fact. Over 40 percent of men report thinking about sex only a few times during a single month or even a few times per week. Four percent of men may think about sexual intercourse less than once a month. The truth is far away from this myth. Escorts in London are very sexy and even though their clients will admit thinking about sex just a few times a night or at max 10s of times a day. But it is a fact that escorts in London are sexy and they can make a man think about sex few more times per hour, but no one can think thousands of time per day.

Funnily people believe that it’s a possible that a dead men can develop erections after they are dead. No matter how sexy and appealing are our escorts in London even they have never seen that happen and so it is impossible. Rigor mortis is defined as the third stage of death, but not generally in that region. However, it is possible to die with an erection and keep it. It actually occurred pretty often in men who died via hanging. But it is not possible to have an erection after a man is dead.

For any further references on sex and the myths around it you can book a beautiful woman from escorts in London, and they can help you forget these myths for as little as £80 per hour. Book escorts in London through our website and brand xLondon City Escorts and enjoy your life to the fullest.