Work With Us

We at X London City Escorts are a very busy agency and we are always looking for new additions to our gallery. If you want to work as one of our London escorts just drop us an email with your basic information and some real pictures. We will replay as soon as possible with the information that you need and how to proceed.

Send your pictures and applications to

The first thing you should know about is that this is not an agency. So if Become London Escortsyou want to work with us, just remember that you are not an employee and not working for us actually. You will be self-employed and that means you will be your own boss. All we do is give connect customers with London escorts through adverts on our website. We also answer the phone and get the needed information, bu that is all.

By we not being an agency or an employer, this means that you, the London escorts will keep most of the money that you earn. The details will be discussed in a private conversation or an email with our team. But it is good to know that you will not give your money to some agency and greedy men, who haven’t done much of work to deserve them.

What do you need to work with us?

To be a successful London escorts you just need to have confidence in your look. It is proven that the most successful London escorts are not the most beautiful but the ones that have confidence in their beauty and communication. Previous experience can be helpful but not required as this work is natural and every woman has it in her veins. Every woman has been a company to someone and has the charm and experience to be a London escort. Yes, some experience can help you to sell more and to have more regular customers, but this you will gain through the first week of work probably. Nothing to worry about.

Real And Genuine Pictures.

One of the most important aspect of our job is to provide real and genuine pictures of London escorts to our customers. We want to give them the most information about each escort so they can make their choice and be happy with it. If any picture is misleading or in-genuine there is a bigger risk that they will not be satisfied and can even refuse to take the service. This mean lost time and energy. but most important we are loosing customers and that mean you are loosing customers and money.

So, to provide great service and to reduce dissatisfaction we are asking you to provide genuine pictures for your London escorts profile on this website. Not just genuine but also good pictures. Have a look at the profiles of our London escorts and see how sexy they look and how have they achieved it. Get some ideas from their poses and ways to show sexy temptations. If you don’t have great pictures of yourself, don’t worry we can recommend you great photographers with experience and they will organize a photo session for you. They have make-up artists and all the needed things to make you one of the greatest London escorts.

Passion For London Escorts

As any other job or business that you will ever encounter in your life you need passion for it to be good and profitable. London escorts is an industry that require real passion. We have seen many girls fail during the years not because they are not beautiful or communicative but because they lack passion. This can not be taught you have to feel it. But don’t get stressed out from the start. You just need to want to be successful London escorts and then the passion will come as well. We are not worried about it, neither should you.

Sexy And Impressive Clothes

It is all about the first impression and the desire of the men to keep you with him. It is not about business and it is not about talking. It is simply about how you dress and is it sexy for your customer. So you have to show and prove that you are as sexy as in your profile pictures and to do this you have to present yourself in some sexy clothing. London escorts have to look impressive and to catch the eye of anyone around. That is what our customers expect from you and if you want to make money as London escorts and to be successful you will need to wear sexy.

We don’t provide any uniforms or anything like that. All the clothes are from your wardrobe and in order to be successful as London escorts go and fill it up with short skirts, short jeans, sexy tops. Show the men some boobs and some legs. That’s what men want from their date with London escorts, so lets give it to them.

What Actually Is The Job Of London Escorts?

If you still don’t know what is to be a lady working as one of our London escorts, here is the job description. The London escorts are sexy companions, who are working and getting payed by the hour. They meet mostly with men in London and the surrounding areas. The ladies have their own driver and they are visiting together their customers. So London escorts are working mostly night time, but our agency is working 24/7 so you can work any time and as much as you want.

Most of the customers want sexy ladies to go visit them at their own house or a hotel, so London escorts are traveling to their accommodation and just spend some quality time with the men who booked them. Talking, laughing, having drinks and eating for fun. All of it is fun, or at least that is most of our London escorts are saying about their job.

So you will visit mostly single and lonely men, who have lots of money and live in expensive houses. And you will be their companion – spend time together, chat, eat and drink. Sometimes watch movies. Doesn’t it sound like a great night at home. With the only difference that you will be in their home and you will get paid for it. And not just paid but very generously paid.

Our prices may be the lowest in London, but our London escorts are taking the biggest junk of the pie. That is where the secret of our low prices lie – we take a very, very small amount for the marketing and managing services tat provide. All the rest is for you – the pretty escort who is having some great time making money.

So girls, be your own boss and lets make some money together. Become one of our London escorts and we will provide customers, they will pay money and you will give great service and unique vision. That is all, simple and easy. Just be a woman and you will succeed in this business.

Good luck!