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    London Sky Bars and Restaurants

    Better Visit a London Sky Bar or Restaurant than Pay for London Eye

    What is London famous for? A trivial question, I know. And a heavy one with that. No sane person would answer it quickly with a couple of words, as the capital is known and loved for so many of its attractions, customs, history… But what is sure is that at some point people would...

    London’s Worst Restaurants

    Did you know that on the internet there are around 18 000 restaurants situated only in London? Of course, at least 1 000 of them are small buffets whose only visitors are people who live in the same building, another thousand may have already closed and another one just…are...
    London's Best Resetaurants

    London’s Best Restaurants

    Welcome, I’ve been expecting you. Yes, you’re not the first to search for London’s Best Restaurants. Now, if you’re the honest fan of one of the seven sins I think you are, I advise you to take a snack, sit down and start reading about 9 of the most amazingly delicious, elegant...
    One night out in West End

    One Night Out In West End

    Again I am planning to talk about an overall experience in London – the one you tell your friends about when you return home from a vacation. We all know what to expect, at least to some extend, from the capital – meaning that we are aware of the fact that anything could happen...

    One Night Out In Hackney

    My next trip, after spending theme nights out in Shoreditch, Croydon and Camden, is Hackney. A rather small area with welcoming and usually tiny venues possessing a special custom vibe and therefore providing themselves with the love of London’s citizens and tourists. If you...
    One night out in Croydon

    One Night Out In Croydon

    Are you visiting London just for a week? Staying with a friend for a month? Or just a casual Londoner looking  forward to spending a break from your everyday habitat at Croydon? If you are having doubts about your plans when spending your night out in Croydon either because it is...
    One night out in Camden Town

    One Night Out In Camden Town

    Camden Town has been visited by pretty much all of London’s tourists and the same goes for its inhabitants. When visiting for the first time it’s inevitably a mess in your head – turn your eyes to any direction and something curious that might be nice to try out; can’t make up...
    Shoreditch's streets during the day

    One night out in Shoreditch

    Beautiful enough, more than enough actually, during the day, the East End of London is not only suitable for daily excitement. Shoreditch is also a byword for nightlife. Let’s talk more about that. When I decided to take a night in the emblematic district of Shoreditch and pay...
    Best places for eating

    Diversity Of Cuisines In London

    One tip is right that the best places for eating are in London. Everybody looks for coveted plates and also the emotional relation to the surroundings. If you seem a bit hesitant about choosing the best dishes in London, your agony will stop over. Submerge completely in as I...