Ten Surprising things that make men to like missionary sex with London escorts

London escorts and the missionary sex positionWe all want to be perfect in bed and to be the best sex partner for our other halves. We are making everything possible to look good, but women and especially London escorts from XLondon City are making the impossible to look stunning every time. These ladies are constantly sharing ideas from friends and other London escorts about everything regarding sex. Most women always have the desire to show something new to their love partner and to surprise him nicely, but the truth is that men need very little to be happy in bed. And London escorts will tell us about why men like the simplest, missionary sex position. Here are the top ten of what you wouldn’t expect men to like in the missionary:

Missionary sex is lazy

This sex position with London escorts is an easy way to have fun and enjoy while resting. But at the same time delivering and receiving pleasure. This is very liked by most men. XLondon City escorts in London are very energetic and active and even if you do other positions they would do most of the work and try to relax you but deliver the pleasure that a man would expect. So guys, rest assured you have your laziness no matter what position you choose with London escorts

There is nothing to make wrong

Sometimes men are worried from the sex act itself or just from the possibility that they can make something wrong. In this sex position the men don’t need to hold the partner in the air or to do something else complicated. And he has the full composure to reach his composure. With London escorts if you reach to the point of going into bed together, then the lady will ask you what position you like, and will lead the way. They will not only give you little chance to make mistakes, but London escorts will teach you how to be better at it and when with you are with your partner not to be afraid you can go wrong.

Men can hide his funny faces

You know what we are talking about right? When a men looks like he is in pain more than he is actually enjoying. Men know that women and among them London escorts are finding their facial expressions during sex funny and that is why they find a good opportunity in the missionary sex to hide them from the woman with simply pointing there faces towards their necks.

With London escorts from XLondon.city/escorts no man can be worried about their face expression, because these ladies are professionals and they won’t make you feel strange.

Because he is dictating the tempo

In a missionary position the men who is making sex is dictating the parade and he has the freedom to find the tempo that he likes and which suits him the most in each and every moment. Nothing is stopping him from speeding up or slowing down. London escorts never mind to give this freedom to their customers and to let them dictate, but they are so good at it that would let them have fun in other positions too and let them choose the tempo as the money that they are paying are for their enjoyment only and the man have the freedom to choose.

The sight of London escorts is great in this sex position

Cute Brunette From XLondon City EscortsMen like to watch London escorts or any other woman that he is with, while doing sex. She is turning him on and the sight of it is incredibly important for us. Only one sight is enough to see the woman from her heels to the top of her hair. And with London escorts there is a lot to watch, men are not going to be disappointed with the sight at all, they usually want to watch more and more. So in missionary position you can enjoy the close view of London escorts’ breasts, neck, lips and even the eyes.

The intimacy is another reason

In missionary position men woman have the opportunity to be the closest to your partner and in every moment to touch your bodies next to each other. That is an incredible sexual turn on and especially when we are taking in consideration the tempting fit bodies of London escorts from XLondon City Escorts it is a major factor in enjoying a session. Not to forget that the ladies from London escorts always have some nice creams and perfumes that turn us on even more and in this position we can feel them the most while our tool is inside a warm place.

It is the perfect position for a morning or midnight sex with London escorts

Having sex in this position with London escorts is so lazy way of enjoying an erection that a man can practice it even in a half-asleep mode. What can be better than this. Well of course even better for a man who is paying for London escorts and their full attention maybe the girl on top would be lazier and of course it can be done, but then some of the other points are not valid

The woman can’t see the rest of the room

No matter what we talk about we are men and we don’t always like to tidy up and clean our rooms. But we know that our partner will notice it even during sex and that’s why this position is great. Because in this position London escorts will have a limited view and it will be impossible to look around the room while they are under the men and have a visual access only to the face of the partner and the roof.

Here I want to add that London escorts are professional companions and they don’t mind how tidy is your room, as soon as the sheets are clean and there is no some nasty food and smelly socks on the floor. They are happy if it looks healthy, but if London escorts see something of risk to their health there is a chance they refuse to fulfil their services.

We can show to escorts in London our muscular arms

Every man likes to look powerful and dominant in front of a woman that he fancy. The missionary position is giving us this chance, because while we are on top of our partner or a sexy lady from London escorts we are using our hands for support and that is why our muscles are more obvious to our sex partner

The different position of the ladies’ legs

This is one of the few movements that can be done in this sex position. The legs can be move in few ways and that actually changes the sex position completely, but it is still a variation of the missionary. The legs of the lady from London escorts can be relaxed down, can be wide open for deeper penetration and more contact or they can be pointed up for even deeper screw. But the think that we like the most is how the legs are touching our body.

With London escorts form XLondon City Escorts any man can enjoy not only the missionary position. This is the basic one and as we described there are at least 10 benefits that make us enjoy it, but there are hundreds of other positions that London escorts can do, show you or teach you to do. If you are more open minded and want to explore just tell the lady that you have booked and she will widen your world.