How a Woman Can Drive You Mad According To London Escorts

Sexy And Tempting London EscortsAccording to a recent study in United Kingdom there are women that are able to drive any man mad and no one can really stand them. The study is made by asking hundreds of men in the age between 18 and 49. They were asked only one simple question – “What drives you mad in women?”

Here I will show you some of the most significant answers and the opinion of XLondon city and our London escorts. They will tell us their opinion and will try to help on how to contain yourself or how not to get mad at these women. We can also advise you to use London escorts as professional companion for your time as they know how to treat a man and will definitely not drive you mad. At least they never did it to us. So it is proven to work.

She doesn’t accept me who I am.

There is one big problem for all the women – they buy a toaster and then they get upset that it is not a washing machine. And then they are trying really hard to turn the toaster in a washing machine and get mad, upset and dramatize when this doesn’t happen. Well you get the example right – we are the toasters. Familiar? Every single woman wants to change her man in to something that he is not and to cultivate him and make change him. It is very rear that one will accept the man as he is and will be happy without forcing changes. There is a joke that when a couple get married the man expect the wife to remain the same woman as before the marriage but she never does, and the opposite, she expect him to change after the marriage but he never does. So women – take it or leave it, don’t try and change it.

But guys, there is always an alternative to the real world women and they are called London escorts. These ladies from XLondon City are professionals and will not expect from you to change or become someone else. London escorts will accept you who you are and will show you that they like your company too. Even if they don’t. That is their job and London escorts from this website are good at their job – why don’t you book one and try them.

Moaning is the second most annoying thing in most women.

There are women who seems to be existing on this world just to walk after you and to moan. Usually for silly things like that you have forgotten to turn on the laundry, or dump the rubbish, or you are not shaving twice Exotic Easter Europeans - XLondon Citya day, because like that you are hurting her sensitive face. The all day long moaning about the daily things is one of the easiest ways for a woman to turn from a sexy, attractive lady to extremely annoying and repellent one. Good that you have us, because London escorts on the other side of the coin are exactly the opposite. They don’t care about your daily things and shaved or not shaved. London escorts just care about their booking to be paid and that’s it. So if you pay your booking fee you will have peace and love. Maybe that is why so many men choose to be with London escorts instead of getting a real girlfriend.

Doing too many of her beauty treatments

Here the line is very thin, but it is definitely one of the things that really drives men mad. The women are vain creatures and this is wonderful, especially when they are doing this to be beautiful for us. It is very flattering when they show up for the dinner in this gorgeous dress and hair style, smelling sexy and with effective make-up. But this is completely different and doesn’t mean that she has to go twice a day to hairstylists, make-up artists, manicure and pedicure, and three times to solarium and many times to spa and massages. This is just madness, spending all these money for being a stupid doll that we don’t even like anymore. The great thing about London escorts is that they are coming ready for your meeting and you will never have to pay for their procedures. They can go as much as they like to beauty centres and hairstylists, and pay big bills, but you will never know about that and you will never have to pay for it. London escorts will be amazingly looking beauties, that are either naturals or doing all these stuff, but you will never know. Isn’t that great – it is like getting only the benefits from going out with London escorts from XLondon City.

She makes me remarks on drinking and eating – London Escorts never do

Asian Lady By London EscortsThis is another very typical and favourite behaviour of the woman that makes you mad. She stays, stares at you and carefully counts every bite that you take and any whiskey that you have drunk. She usually will say that she is worried for your health and that is the reason to count, but what she actually is doing is making you mad with her constant remarks and drop hints.

Another reason why we prefer London escorts instead of a regular girlfriend. Do you understand us now? She won’t count your bites even if she get to see you eating. And about the drink, London escorts are actually great company for drinking and will even encourage you to indulge yourself with another glass of your favourite whiskey. If you are more looking for London escorts to be your drinking buddy look for the title Party Escorts. These ladies are drinking and partying more than the others and are very open for a drink.

We have quit a few London escorts who are also Party escorts and would really enjoy to go out and dink and party with you any night of the week. The price for these ladies is the same per hour but they you will have to pay for their drink. We are all sure that you don’t mind buying London escorts a drink, do you?

She spends a fortune on clothes, cosmetics and other useless things

This usually happens in one more advanced period of your relationship with a woman. Then you start to notice all these little bits that she buys and you start to think how ridiculous that behavior is. All these things that no one need and that you were always wondering who the fuck is buying these things. Now you know the answer and you don’t like it, because it comes right out of your pocket.

Again my respond would be the same as in the previous points – go out with London escorts rather than normal girls. I am not going to lie to you, London escorts are women like all other and they also like spending a fortune on jewelry, cosmetics and clothes but they pay for them with the money they earn themselves. This way you can decide what to buy her as a present if you are really happy with the service. London escorts don’t have access to your wallet and they can’t buy anything. So all the silly things that women buy, London escorts have to buy themselves and you should be fine with this