According to London escorts the best zodiac signs for sex are:

Naked London Escorts For £100Have you notice that when it comes to sex everyone tends to believe that he is the best one in the bed. But we have to realize that this might not be true and if you want to find the better partner for sex you might follow the advices of London escorts who have experience and can define the difference in different zodiac signs.

London escorts have enough experience to know that it is not true and not everyone is equally good in sex. According to the best and busiest escorts in London from XLondon City the zodiac sign is a proper way to know what to expect from a person under the sheets. It is just simple and plain to them that there are people who are not good in the sex games and some others who are naturals. Here we will point out the four zodiac signs who, according to London escorts are the best in the game of making love:

Leos are born to love

Our sexy ladies from London escorts are noting that if you ever try once the making love or sex with someone who is under the zodiac sign of Leo, you will remember it for a lifetime. I wander how many of Leos had these London escorts, and do they really remember them all for life. Sound intriguing. But they say that Leos are passionate, dominative and disobedient, Leos are a real explosion in the bed.

In general London escorts from the Leo sign are very vivid people who can entertain you with their stories for hours. It is true that they want to be center of attention and to take control in everything including sex, but there is definitely a reason for others to listen to them once they start talking.

And last but not least – Leos are emotional and these London escorts can make you reach new highs in sex, a thought that won’t leave you a free day without thinking about their love making skills.

Cancer – One kiss and they are yours

The next zodiac sign that our London escorts are pointing out are the people under the Cancer sign, they are very emotional and sensitive and able to make even the biggest haters to adore them. And there is nothing abnormal in this, just the big heart of the Cancer is created to love and to suffer sometimes but that is a part of the love right.

Classy Blonde Escort From XLondon CityThe London escorts who have been with cancer or who are one themselves are claiming that these people are incredibly organized, caring and tender lovers. The sexy London escorts from this zodiac sign are prone to wake you up in the morning after your night together, to serve you breakfast and to offer early morning sex.

And about the men under this sign London escorts say that they are a really creative in the lovemaking. They will meet you with a huge bucket of flowers, will bring their love to a dinner, will give her a pair of luxury lingerie and then after all that they will act. London escorts say that in general the sex with a Cancer is a whole journey through which no one will be left behind hungry.

Pisces believe that they have invented the sex

The sex with Pisces and London escorts under that zodiac sign is an experience that you can write a film about. And the movie won’t one of these sweet romantic comedies for sure. These London escorts are creative, very passionate and at the same time on the edge of egoism and pleasure. The Pisces lovers are a dream for everyone, man and women.

And because the Pisces are at the very end of the zodiac sign calendar, London escorts say that they combine in themselves all the positive qualities of all the 12 signs. Maybe that is why most of the Pisces are in to music, theatre, drawing and so on. But in sex London escorts under Pisces are amazing lovers and having sex with them is like making art in emotions.

The talented Pisces are something more that good lovers, they are simply the gods of sex. These London escorts are living the emotion of lovemaking in incredible way and that is why to be with one of them under the sheets is to be envied.

Women who eat hot food are better in sex and London escorts are not an exception.

If you’ve planned a hot date with a sexy lady from London escorts or any other girl and are looking to spice it up, your best option is to order from the local Indian takeaway, order your date a hot spicy food and prepare yourself for a spicy evening and wild action in the bed. A study recently carried out by the famous British scientists has found that women are more attracted to men and more open to action in the bedroom after consuming hot or spicy foods.

Sweet And Sexy London Escorts - XLondon EscortsThe study conducted by some British scientists but also confirmed by our experienced London escorts here in XLondon Escorts. They together proved that women who had eaten hot, spicy food find men one fifth sexier looking than they did after eating mild or sweet foods. It doesn’t sound like such a big win but for some men, every little advantage counts as important when it comes to finding a partner. Just a reminder that with London escorts you don’t need to look further, just for £100 per hour you get the sexiest girls on the web.

But back to this particular research that assessed almost 90 women and our 20 London escorts who were given sweet, spicy or bland snacks to try. The group who ate the sweet one were given four different Oreo cookies, the bland group Salt & Vinegar potato chips and the hot, spicy group Cheetos Crunchy Cheddar Jalapeno Cheese.

The London escorts say that after consuming the foods the women were shown some regular men’s pictures and they had to rate them, giving each one of the men a score between one and nine on how attractive they found them and how likely they are to do sex with him.

The results showed that the women from London escorts who had eaten the spicy food rated the men 20% more attractive than those who had taken the sweet food. The study among London escorts also found that the group who ate spicy and hot food were 28 per cent are more likely to go after a relationship with a random man that they meet on a booking than those in the other groups.

The lead researcher from XLondon City and a London escorts said that the findings are interesting but not surprising and she explained that women from London escorts found the men more attractive because they make an unconscious association in their brains. Interestingly these words that describe food such as hot and spicy are also used by people to describe the way a person looks, so the brain subconsciously connects the two.

A spicy flavour to London escorts is increasing romantic interest and sexual attraction as well as physical attraction. These ladies support the suggestions made by the researchers that sensory experiences for taste can influence cognitive perceptions regarding potential relationship and good sexual experience.

The bottom line is if you’re looking to get lucky, your best chance is not with eating hot food, but getting a hot date with London escorts and our amazing spicy ladies. But to make it even hotter, you might as well take your London escorts out for something Indian cuisine or Thai food. Just be sure to keep the air freshener handy.