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    CODE Hospitality

    CODE Hospitality – the Highlights of Hospitality Venues

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    CODE Hospitality is a thorough piece of work covering all information a tourist, a local and a professional in the industry would need for London cafes, bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, even street food, airlines and other F&B leisure outlets! CODE Hospitality does not only...
    London Sky Bars and Restaurants

    Better Visit a London Sky Bar or Restaurant than Pay for London Eye

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    What is London famous for? A trivial question, I know. And a heavy one with that. No sane person would answer it quickly with a couple of words, as the capital is known and loved for so many of its attractions, customs, history… But what is sure is that at some point people would...

    London’s Worst Restaurants

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    Did you know that on the internet there are around 18 000 restaurants situated only in London? Of course, at least 1 000 of them are small buffets whose only visitors are people who live in the same building, another thousand may have already closed and another one just…are...
    London's Worst Clubs

    London’s Worst Clubs

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    Anyone who’s ever been to London and has tasted the capital’s nightlife at least once, would probably passionately support a new law obligating dreadful places to put neon signs saying ‘Avoid like the plague!’ above their entrances. I promise to do my best to propose such an...
    London's Best Resetaurants

    London’s Best Restaurants

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    Welcome, I’ve been expecting you. Yes, you’re not the first to search for London’s Best Restaurants. Now, if you’re the honest fan of one of the seven sins I think you are, I advise you to take a snack, sit down and start reading about 9 of the most amazingly delicious, elegant...
    London's Worst Bars

    London’s Worst Bars

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    London’s nightlife is a real roller coaster – Katy Perry can write a pop song about it. Anyone who’s ever had the thought of checking out some London bars and clubs knows what the song’s lyrics would be…You can start off quite promisingly with a classy/jazzy/hippie (whatever your...
    London's Best Clubs

    London’s Best Clubs

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    London’s nightlife is the main theme of countless legends. And rightfully so. Londoners seem to have as reason in their top 10 lists of why they live here the fact that in London all guns are constantly blazing; you might have though during the week and never find time to just...
    London's Best Bars

    London’s Best Bars

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    I’ve already reviewed some of London’s best cocktail bars; now I’m moving on to a wider choice – let’s talk about the best selection of all the bars London offers. I know they are countless, I know I am inevitably going to forget some of them or at the very least – have different...
    One night out in West End

    One Night Out In West End

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    Again I am planning to talk about an overall experience in London – the one you tell your friends about when you return home from a vacation. We all know what to expect, at least to some extend, from the capital – meaning that we are aware of the fact that anything could happen...

    One Night Out In Hackney

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    My next trip, after spending theme nights out in Shoreditch, Croydon and Camden, is Hackney. A rather small area with welcoming and usually tiny venues possessing a special custom vibe and therefore providing themselves with the love of London’s citizens and tourists. If you...