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    London Shows Saving up Tips

    Saving Tips for London Tourists – Save up on Shows

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    Many tourists love London’s streets, pubs, galleries, museums, even our shops! But, personally, I’ve noticed that the biggest love of London’s visitors, an sometimes locals, are the shows – the capital’s musicals are renown all over the world, people travel thousands of...
    CODE Hospitality

    CODE Hospitality – the Highlights of Hospitality Venues

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    CODE Hospitality is a thorough piece of work covering all information a tourist, a local and a professional in the industry would need for London cafes, bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, even street food, airlines and other F&B leisure outlets! CODE Hospitality does not only...
    London's Worst Hotels

    London’s Worst Hotels

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    Planning a trip to London? Any visitor of the capital dreams of the perfect experience this emblematic city offers – a journey to another land with exquisite manners, architectural and design miracles, matchless sights and inventive restaurants. Well, the first step to this fairy...
    London's Best Hotels

    The 8 Best Hotels In London

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    Tourists and business travelers are what makes London all that it is. Without this huge flow of people the capital would be nothing alike. But not enough attention has been paid to what exactly all of these voyagers go trough, what difficulties they encounter while abiding the...
    London's House Hotel, Bayswater

    Best Value-for-Money Hotels in London

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    The City of London can offer a lot of vibrant, cultural and historical places for its visitors all around the year, but “London” and “best value” are words you do not usually expect in the same sentence. Nevertheless, believe it or not, there are a few hotels in the British...
    A Dirty Looking Hotel Room

    Five Most Disgusting Hotels

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    London is known as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Cheap hotels are the solution according to the high London standards. But there is a difference between appalling places and cheap hotels. There are dreadful hotels that might spoil your stay in London. I would not...
    Splendor Hotels In London

    Five Most Luxurious Hotels In London

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    No matter how you reached the authentic London – by air, land or water, for sure you are ready to experience the craziest things existing in the world. Countless temptations are always lurking on every corner of London. It would be a sin to resist. The urge to try so many...