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Autor: Amelie Myers

I am Amelie and I love London. I love exploring it but also lite to share my experiences and opinion so I decided to write in this blog and to show you how you can experience the best of London...sometimes the worst too!!! Have fun reading and get involved too! Comment, like, share, dislike, criticise! Thank you for giving me some of your time today.

Posts by Amelie Myers:

    One night out in Croydon

    One Night Out In Croydon

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    Are you visiting London just for a week? Staying with a friend for a month? Or just a casual Londoner looking  forward to spending a break from your everyday habitat at Croydon? If you are having doubts about your plans when spending your night out in Croydon either because it is...
    One night out in Camden Town

    One Night Out In Camden Town

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    Camden Town has been visited by pretty much all of London’s tourists and the same goes for its inhabitants. When visiting for the first time it’s inevitably a mess in your head – turn your eyes to any direction and something curious that might be nice to try out; can’t make up...
    Shoreditch's streets during the day

    One night out in Shoreditch

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    Beautiful enough, more than enough actually, during the day, the East End of London is not only suitable for daily excitement. Shoreditch is also a byword for nightlife. Let’s talk more about that. When I decided to take a night in the emblematic district of Shoreditch and pay...
    Best Cocktail Bars In London

    5 Best Cocktail bars in London

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    I’ve already talked about the best rooftop bars I’ve found in London, but since summer is only a little part of the year, we should establish some places with nice drinks and atmosphere for the rest of the time which really make the night worth remembering. It is...
    Best Rooftop Bars in London

    8 Best Rooftop Bars In London

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    Tower Bridge, Big Ben, London’s eye – all sights that are icons of London. Most people have seen them on cards or TV shows and come all the way to London so as to take a peek of these memorable pictures. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a drink in a comfy fresh place while...