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Autor: Amelie Myers

I am Amelie and I love London. I love exploring it but also lite to share my experiences and opinion so I decided to write in this blog and to show you how you can experience the best of London...sometimes the worst too!!! Have fun reading and get involved too! Comment, like, share, dislike, criticise! Thank you for giving me some of your time today.

Posts by Amelie Myers:

    London's Worst Bars

    London’s Worst Bars

    London’s nightlife is a real roller coaster – Katy Perry can write a pop song about it. Anyone who’s ever had the thought of checking out some London bars and clubs knows what the song’s lyrics would be…You can start off quite promisingly with a classy/jazzy/hippie (whatever your...
    London's Best Clubs

    London’s Best Clubs

    London’s nightlife is the main theme of countless legends. And rightfully so. Londoners seem to have as reason in their top 10 lists of why they live here the fact that in London all guns are constantly blazing; you might have though during the week and never find time to just...
    Black Cabs or Minicabs in London

    Mini Cabs or Black Cabs?

    As daily in London arrive thousands of new faces eager to thresh the whole capital in an hour or two, the question of what transport to use while they’re staying is a very important one. With London’s lovely traffic, transport from A to B might take up the time you would gladly...
    Uber in London

    Uber in London

    Uber – the controversially welcomed service. As of today Uber operates in many cities scattered among different countries and with this tricky substitute to cabs has been either loved or despised by citizens. The same goes for London, at the bottom line, is Uber a convinient...
    The Famous Underground

    The Famous Underground

    The famous Underground has been an emblem of London for centuries now. Opened in the distant 1863 as the first rapid underground transit system in any town The London Underground, also called The Tube, is a network daily used by millions of travelers. A means of transport to...
    How to Travel Cheap in London

    How to Travel Cheap in London

    I get how eager London’s visitors are to tour around the whole capital on the very first day and consume all there is to see and do. But transport around London is a huge matter for Londoners and always a rather despised expense and for tourists it could be an even worse...
    London's Best Hotels

    The 8 Best Hotels In London

    Tourists and business travelers are what makes London all that it is. Without this huge flow of people the capital would be nothing alike. But not enough attention has been paid to what exactly all of these voyagers go trough, what difficulties they encounter while abiding the...
    London's Best Bars

    London’s Best Bars

    I’ve already reviewed some of London’s best cocktail bars; now I’m moving on to a wider choice – let’s talk about the best selection of all the bars London offers. I know they are countless, I know I am inevitably going to forget some of them or at the very least – have different...
    One night out in West End

    One Night Out In West End

    Again I am planning to talk about an overall experience in London – the one you tell your friends about when you return home from a vacation. We all know what to expect, at least to some extend, from the capital – meaning that we are aware of the fact that anything could happen...

    One Night Out In Hackney

    My next trip, after spending theme nights out in Shoreditch, Croydon and Camden, is Hackney. A rather small area with welcoming and usually tiny venues possessing a special custom vibe and therefore providing themselves with the love of London’s citizens and tourists. If you...