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Autor: Amelie Myers

I am Amelie and I love London. I love exploring it but also lite to share my experiences and opinion so I decided to write in this blog and to show you how you can experience the best of London...sometimes the worst too!!! Have fun reading and get involved too! Comment, like, share, dislike, criticise! Thank you for giving me some of your time today.

Posts by Amelie Myers:

    CODE Hospitality

    CODE Hospitality – the Highlights of Hospitality Venues

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    CODE Hospitality is a thorough piece of work covering all information a tourist, a local and a professional in the industry would need for London cafes, bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, even street food, airlines and other F&B leisure outlets! CODE Hospitality does not only...
    Staying in London Saving Tips

    Saving tips for London Tourists – Staying in London

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    Visiting London, as big of a dream it is, has its many costs. Mainly financial costs – related to basic things like getting here, paying for accommodation, getting around, eating or to the purpose of your visit like attractions, historical heritage, culture events and more. What...
    London Sky Bars and Restaurants

    Better Visit a London Sky Bar or Restaurant than Pay for London Eye

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    What is London famous for? A trivial question, I know. And a heavy one with that. No sane person would answer it quickly with a couple of words, as the capital is known and loved for so many of its attractions, customs, history… But what is sure is that at some point people would...
    London's Chicken Shops

    Chicken Shops – Cheap Food Option In London, Not Healthy Though

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    There is a typical sight in London that deserves special attention. It is not as fascinating and unique as the London Eye, Tower Bridge or Big Ben but rather a scene that slips by everyone’s eyesight but is there around all Londoners every day, during all hours and at many place...
    Saving up in London - Eating Cost-effectively

    Saving Tips for London Tourists – Eating Cost-effectively

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    London is by far a top destination for world tourists. I doubt that if you ask most of your friends where they would like to travel to soon, many of them would be missing London in their lists – either they would plan to go or they would have already been to the capital of Great...

    London’s Worst Restaurants

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    Did you know that on the internet there are around 18 000 restaurants situated only in London? Of course, at least 1 000 of them are small buffets whose only visitors are people who live in the same building, another thousand may have already closed and another one just…are...
    How To Save On Your Stay In London

    How To Save On Your Stay In London

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    Needless to say, London is not only known for its attractions and heritage, but also for being one of the most expensive cities to travel to. Due to this little disadvantage many voyagers seem to opt for more affordable Europe capitals and always leave the London trip for better...
    London's Worst Clubs

    London’s Worst Clubs

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    Anyone who’s ever been to London and has tasted the capital’s nightlife at least once, would probably passionately support a new law obligating dreadful places to put neon signs saying ‘Avoid like the plague!’ above their entrances. I promise to do my best to propose such an...
    London's Best Resetaurants

    London’s Best Restaurants

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    Welcome, I’ve been expecting you. Yes, you’re not the first to search for London’s Best Restaurants. Now, if you’re the honest fan of one of the seven sins I think you are, I advise you to take a snack, sit down and start reading about 9 of the most amazingly delicious, elegant...
    London's Worst Hotels

    London’s Worst Hotels

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    Planning a trip to London? Any visitor of the capital dreams of the perfect experience this emblematic city offers – a journey to another land with exquisite manners, architectural and design miracles, matchless sights and inventive restaurants. Well, the first step to this fairy...